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No One should be one injury away from losing everything

Healthcare in the United States is the most expensive in the world with the worst outcomes with regard to mortality and longevity. It is my position that no American family should ever be afraid that they are going to lose all that they have worked for as a result of hospital bills resulting from illness or injury. Some families pay premiums at, near or above $1000 per month and still have deductibles and co-insurance thereafter which could lead to bills the average American cannot afford.

Insurance companies are in business to make money and I do not fault them for that but this is an area where government can foot the bill with a modest tax that will, in many cases, be nowhere near the current cost to families. Prescription drugs would fall under the same umbrella so cost controls would come in. Price gauging would no longer be allowed as per pill costs would be factored. Short of an agreement to establish a single payer system, I will champion a consumer friendly regulatory body within the HHS department that will monitor outcomes of care vs cost.