Immigration: Creating a Safe Nation through Existing Policy

We need to work toward streamlining the process to make it less tedious while maintaining our security. Contrary to belief, immigrants are, as a whole, less likely to commit a crime as opposed to natural born citizens. Preservation of our skills specific (H1B) visa and our visa lottery system are both vital to preservation of the diversity of our nation. We need to provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients while continuing to secure our border. We have no need for a wall as long as we enforce existing law.

The complexities of immigration are real and this is a human issue. We should grant asylum to those who seek it and sort things out once said asylum is granted. It speaks to who we are as a nation as to how we treat those in need and it is critical that we treat the needy with compassion and care to assess and resolve their issue so that they may return home.