Internet and Energy

It is vital for us to modernize our electrical grid, encourage energy independence, and provide internet to even the most remote Missourian. We need to work toward upgrading buildings to include solar panels and establish wind farms through which we can to help to lower our carbon footprint.


Modernize the electrical grid

We must work with North Missouri's local energy suppliers to efficiently modernize not only our electrical grid, but the way we get energy as well. 

Provide internet to the whole district

In an increasing technological world, not having internet is virtually not an option. With media, social, and work nearly all online, every Missourian needs to have the ability to receive high quality internet access. To achieve the goal of providing internet, I look to work toward an investment in nationwide fiber to improve internet speeds in areas away from urban centers to attract tech savvy businesses to our smaller communities and allow more competition for internet consumers. 


solar and wind.jpg

Finding Clean Energy solutions

Reducing our carbon footprint must be a priority as long as it does not hurt the communities of North Missouri. We must look to upgrade buildings by adding solar panels as a source of energy as well as continue to develop wind farms throughout the region. 

Preserve Net Neutrality

net neutralit 2.jpg

Since the mainlining of the internet in the 90’s, service providers have been in competition for market share and innovators change how we interact on the web daily. To that end, net neutrality is essential to preserve the very innovation we have come to expect from developers. With ISP’s being allowed to charge more for certain services or slow specific content, it allows market monopolies to control their market which will stifle innovation and information. Preservation of net neutrality allows the continued expansion and development of web content and interactions.