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The Minimum Wage must be a living wage

Missouri workers work hard at their jobs and in return should not be forced to work multiple jobs in order to provide food, shelter, and basic necessities for their families. Workers deserve to be compensated for the amount of wealth they create at their everyday jobs. 

The minimum wage may very well have been one of the best things to come out of the new deal because it established a wage floor for entry level employees and helped as a negotiating point for skilled labor. As the minimum wage has grown, so has the middle class. Currently the minimum wage has not been raised since 2007 and is in desperate need of an increase as the cost of living has continued to rise and workers receiving minimum wage have not received a raise. A true rising tide lifts all boats and raising the minimum wage increases take home pay that people will use to pay for the things they need and things they may want. That rise in income also comes with a rise in the amount of taxes people pay which in turn lowers our deficits. Ours is a co-dependent economy and the better those at the bottom do, the better job our government does balancing its books.